Annashae Consulting and Staffing

Annashae Consulting and Staffing

Annashae Consulting and Staffing

WHY ANNASHAE - We are a leading medical consulting and staffing group with 35+ years of experience that specializes in helping YOU throughout your career.

We will match you with great opportunities local and nationwide. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients and providers that can last for many years.

We offer incredible positions with long and short-term assignments, your own personal recruiter, competitive pay, and flexibility. For more information apply or call today!  
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Annashae Consulting & Staffing has grown from a small team of eager healthcare recruiters to a corporation with satisfied clients in nearly every corner nationally. The success behind the evolution of Annashae’s growth is our demand for excellence in healthcare recruitment, retention, and customer care. Our performance history speaks for itself and our clients can rest assured that the future brings with it new opportunities for continued success. We understand both our client’s need for highly qualified, skillfully trained medical professionals, as well as our candidates seeking flexibility, and fulfillment. With access to thousands of medical professionals across the country, Annashae can quickly fill medical staffing requests with highly qualified personnel. We serve you with personalized service 24-hours a day, seven days a week, with cost-effective staffing solutions that exceed industry standards.

Annashae attracts high quality medical professionals by offering all medical malpractice coverage along with competitive compensation. Each candidate is carefully screened and qualified before matching them with the perfect position.

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It all started in 1980, after serving in the medical healthcare field ourselves. We saw a need that existed; healthcare providers needing flexibility and fulfillment, facilities requiring quality staffing, and patient centered satisfaction. We were able to see firsthand, insight into pressing healthcare needs with compassion and urgency. We discovered a better way to address those needs for the facilities, those working in the healthcare field and their patients.

Since then, Annashae Consulting & Staffing has been providing medical staffing solutions to healthcare, government and education facilities nationwide. We specialize in placing long-term contract and direct hire personnel to nearly every segment of the healthcare market.

Annashae’s robust medical staffing network and healthcare solutions have been designed specifically for the healthcare industry by leading healthcare experts. We have an inherent understanding of the challenges of operating a 24/7 healthcare organization.

“Today we use this method to attract people with big hearts and provide outstanding healthcare service nationwide.”

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