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Top 5 Medical Apps for Physicians

How Do Apps Assist in Healthcare? 

With the advancements in the field of science and technology, medical apps are being introduced as the new go-to hub for physicians and aspiring medical professionals. The new wave of technological developments has initiated a wide culture of electronic care and patient care systems. These apps are also reshaping the way patients relate to doctors and vice versa. 

How do these apps help? Well, these apps empower patients to learn more about their conditions and this awareness allows them to provide substantial say in their medical decisions. These online applications provide unlimited access to medical knowledge. Patients can view and understand their own medical records and conditions and take necessary steps to ensure a better standard of life. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best medical apps being utilized in the modern era medical community and healthcare system; 

1. Medscape:

Medscape has to be on top of the list, given its popularity and the huge list of loyal users. This app is beneficial to both doctors and patients. It provides free access to the latest news regarding the developments in the medical community. This is quite helpful and crucial to the physicians and the doctors who are constantly willing to learn more about the field. 

This app also provides access to medical information for patients and clinicians. With this feature, the patients can easily familiarize themselves with relevant medical information about their conditions. The clinicians and the physicians can also equip themselves with the modern practices of the industry. 

This application is also quite helpful in Continued Medical Education (CME). The medical professionals can constantly update their knowledge with the help of this app. This allows them to make well-informed medical decisions for their patients. Additionally, the patients can also become an elemental part of the decision making as this app allows them to be well-informed about their conditions and the diagnosis. 

2. Epocrates:

Now, Epocrates is a completely different kind of medical app. Instead of offering a wide variety of medical information, it provides drug-oriented help and news about all of the over-the-counter and generic medicine. From basic pill identifications to potent drug interactions, from drug reference information to a complete history of the medicine, Epocrates offer all the drug-related information to the user. 

The upgraded and pro version, Epocrates Rx Pro provides the user a wide variety of infectious drug treatments and remedies. Furthermore, it also suggests suitable and the most appropriate alternative medicines for all kind of diseases. 

If we move up one step, Epocrates Essential Deluxe offers comprehensive and detailed drug and disease monographs for the patients and the medicine users. It also allows the users to take advantage of its modern diagnostic tools. This version also includes an up-to-date and widely accepted medical dictionary for all its users. 

3. Kareo: 

This app is used by medical practitioners and physicians across the United States. Kareo is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) app. The main highlight of this app is its medical billing service. Kareo has a Smart Workflow feature that physicians can quickly and easily track claims from anywhere. You can even view billing performance with the analytics tool. This app automates billing tasks to reduce errors and streamline the process, allowing physicians to get paid faster. 

The price is expected to start at $80/month per user, but you would need to speak with a specialist to request a quote or explore pricing options that would best fit your needs. The app is available for Android and IOS. 

4. DynaMed Plus:

DynaMed is a online clinical information resource for doctors and physicians. Before purchasing this app, you can request a free trial to try to see what fits best with your plan. DynaMed offers a daily review of medical literature by physician and specialist staff ensures timely and objective analysis, synthesis and guidance.

This app includes important features which includes graphic/images, overview/recommendations, precise search results, specialty content, expert reviewers, drug content, and many more. When deciding if this app is great for you, the pricing is varied $99.99 Student, $149.95 Resident, $199.95 Licensed Medical Practitioner, $395 Physician plus Institutional Subscriptions. Mobile app is included for free. Same price ranges as for Dynamed. This app is available for Androids and IOS mobile devices.

5. VisualDX:

This application stands out among the rest. This is not just an ordinary informational application, but it is also a clinical decision support system. According to a research, this application has actually contributed towards a better diagnostic and prescription system, and it has significantly enhanced the diagnostic accuracy. 

This app also enhances the overall patient care experience and helps with improving therapeutic accuracy. The healthcare professionals have an entire database of previously diagnosed cases, drug-induced adverse reactions and distinctive individual cases which help them in making better decisions for their patients. This app acts as a database for all the previous relevant cases and presents a detailed history of the related cases on the go. 

How Can Medical Apps Reshape the Future of Healthcare? 

In today’s technology-oriented era, people are actually more responsive towards mobile applications. Every industry of the world is currently opting for electronic and non-paper forums and platforms. The field of Healthcare is also indulging in modern practices of the business, and there are currently over 150,000 applications available online for the easement of the professionals. 

These applications help the doctors to make better decisions and these apps also allow the patients to be well-aware of their circumstances and conditions. These applications reduce the number of difficult and time-consuming steps during the procedure and speed up the entire process of diagnosis. 

These apps also allow the doctors with connect to their patients in a better and a more responsive manner. All the records are available online and can be accessed from anywhere during day and night. So, the future of healthcare will be completely immersed in these applications and soon, these apps will reshape the way the current medical industry is operating. 

Top 5 Medical Apps for Physicians
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