US Physiatry LLC

US Physiatry LLC

US Physiatry LLC

We provide all the upside of private practice but also include the security blanket of employment (ie, benefits, billing, compliance and IT)   Spring, Texas, United States Spring, Texas, United States

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US Physiatry (USP) was founded in 2011 as it became evident that another round of Healthcare reform was imminent. Founded by rehabilitation leaders from all aspects of the rehab continuum, USP decided to focus on rehabilitation in all of the current settings so that both the rehab patient and the physiatrist will be well represented when changes are implemented.

USP’s goals are to ensure the success of the physiatrist by providing the resources of a national company to help negotiate managed care contracts, ACO affiliations, implement an IT strategy that will allow us to focus on quality outcomes, and insure that the revenue cycle is the best possible for a physiatrist. USP believes that empowering the rehab physician to follow a patient throughout the rehab continuum will allow for the best possible outcomes for patients and is also the best way for our physician partners to maximize their income opportunities.

USP is a physician-led group of physiatrists. Our leadership is made up entirely of physicians who are currently practicing rehabilitation medicine.

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