Darsalud Care, PLLC

Darsalud Care, PLLC

Darsalud Care, PLLC

Darsalud Care strives to build a network of clinics and providers that will work together to provide patients with quality, comprehensive health care. Each practice in our network plays is integral component in making this happen increasing the range of patients that have access to our care or by increasing the services offered by the network.  
Memphis, Tennessee, United States Memphis, Tennessee, United States

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DarSalud Care

We at DarSalud are dedicated to the Memphis community and those that serve it. As such, each of the organizations in our umbrella are very motivated to create new, dynamic partnerships in our mission to innovate.

LifeDOC: Lifestyle Diabetes and Obesity‚Äč Center
Our second practice LifeDOC is a multi-disciplinary and innovative healthcare organization committed to increase accessibility to care and guarantee high quality services for patients, providers and all stakeholders in the industry by applying an integrated approach and efficient use of resources to build and implement outcome oriented models.

LifeDOC is a premier, regionally-recognized multi-specialty practice and research center specialized in the prevention, treatment and management of Diabetes, Obesity and Cardio-Metabolic conditions.

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