Comhar Consulting Group, LLC

Comhar Consulting Group, LLC

Comhar Consulting Group, LLC

Comhar Consulting Group is committed to honoring our core values, our clients demand, and our candidates preferences. We will not compromise the values of honesty, integrity, and personal character for ill-gotten gain or selfish ambition. Comhar’s clients have come to trust us as a partner and our candidates have come to appreciate our transparency.  
Fort Worth, Texas, United States Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Company Information

From it’s founding in early 2015, the driving force of Comhar's business was to bring the values of integrity, trustworthy service, honest business practices to both the providers we recruit and the clients with whom we contract. The humble beginnings started with a cell phone, computer and no capital investment. We were started from a passion to make the difference, an entrepreneurial spirit, a simple faith, and the desire to work hard and persevere – there has never been a “Plan B”.

Company History

Comhar Consulting Group was established in March of 2015. Between March and August The business found success through grass roots recruiting efforts, work ethic and an unwavering desire to succeed. 
By July of the same year our Managing Director, Todd Gordon, made his exit from corporate healthcare recruiting to focus 100% of his time and effort to Comhar Consulting Group. Since then, Comhar Consulting has filled positions in a variety of different specialties and states. The mission, vision, and values of Comhar Consulting Group can be summed up in one word – connection.

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