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HDA MD Staff

HDA MD Staff has an innovative and exciting approach using a combination of new technology and old methods to recruit medical staff on both a permanent and temporary basis, but also to provide healthcare services in a new never done before model that will benefit both healthcare providers and patients. Visit our website to learn more about us. www.hdajobs.com  
Roswell, Georgia, United States Roswell, Georgia, United States

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HDA MD Staff provides locum tenens staffing, temporary medical staffing, dedicated and contingent search services as well as staffing and managing physicians for hospital-based specialties. We have combined these services into a comprehensive model that includes a telemedicine component benefiting physicians, hospitals, and the patients they take care of.

We work on a nationwide basis and are focused on growing our company using technology, innovative internal and external staffing methods, as well as the good old fashioned human-to-human communication that the society seems to have lost.

HDA MD Staff's intent is to make things easier for healthcare providers by doing a lot of the work for them, but also by providing tools and active communication that will help to avoid frustration during the locum tenens and search process.

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Company History

HDA MD Staff was organized on May 2019 by Kimberly Schindler, founder and former owner of Hayman Daugherty Associates, Inc. and Dr. Andrew Oleksyn EM Director: and a residency-trained board-certified emergency medicine physician and contract management group, entrepreneur.

Kim Schindler has over thirty years of experience recruiting and staffing physician practices as well as training and managing a staff of recruiters. Dr. Oleksyn has owned, managed and grown a contract management staffing group of emergency medicine, hospitalists, urgent care, and critical care physicians.

Together they formed HDA MD Staff to completely change how physician staffing, recruiting and providing healthcare will be done with a new and innovative approach.

Follow us and watch us grow, as we enter this new era of staffing and providing healthcare.

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