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Arlington HealthCare

Discover whats most important for you in your life and your career
Challenge you by asking the tough questions
Distinguish the right career from just another job
Improve your CV and Cover Letter
Understand and prepare you for the full cycle recruitment process
Engage the other decision makers, i.e. spouse, S.O.
Develop a road map
Educate you on the market conditions and how youll be impacted in each market and type of practice
Market you to targeted hospitals to uncover all possibilities
Identify the resources you need and deliver them at the time you need them
Strategize on how to become the top physician candidate
Prepare for interviews providing you the secrets of how to receive a job offer
Make the right decision by providing you our decision-making worksheet where you measure your values with each opportunity/community
Negotiate your compensation package
Transition you into your new practice
Set up a win-win relationship with your employer from the beginning  
Carpentersville, Illinois, United States Carpentersville, Illinois, United States

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In addition to being dedicated to connecting the right physician with the right organization, Arlington HealthCare strives to inspire through educational and coaching tactics to improve the quality of life. Our ultimate goal is to have a profound impact helping healthcare professionals find balance in life and career.

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Arlington HealthCare is a physician recruitment firm that helps you balance career and personal life. We listen to your needs and provide you with options helping you fulfill your life and career aspirations. We will challenge, prepare, and ask you the tough questions, so you can discover your purpose beyond being a physician.

We will coach you throughout the process, educate you on market trends, strategize with you on how to become the top candidate, guide you to negotiate your salary, and provide you with the right resources at the right time. In doing this, we give you the confidence of having the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Our business model provides you with all of the perks of a personal career coach without your paying thousands of dollars in coaching and consulting services.

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