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After 20 years of operating independently, the originally named Schumacher Group merged with like-minded physician management group Hospital Physician Partners in 2015. The move grew SCP’s national reach, adding 2,000 providers and multiple states to the roster.

The following year, they also joined forces with ECI Healthcare Partners, a hospital and physician management group. With a new portfolio of 8 million patients, 7,500 providers, 30 states, and 400 hospital facilities, this powerful trio set out to deliver better hospital services and physician support on a national level.

SCP Health's current array of clinical program offerings has evolved from standalone emergency medicine to span the entire continuum of care including telemedicine, hospital medicine, intensive care, and ambulatory care.  
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SCP Health is a clinical company. At our core we work to bring hospitals and healers together in the pursuit of clinical effectiveness. With a portfolio of over 8 million patients, 7500 providers, 30 states, and 400 healthcare facilities, SCP Health is a leader in clinical practice management spanning the entire continuum of care, including emergency medicine, hospital medicine, wellness, telemedicine, intensive care, and ambulatory care.

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Established in 1994, SCP Health (SCP)—Schumacher Clinical Partners—was founded on the belief that there was a better way to deliver and manage emergency medical services in the hospital environment. Our founder, William “Kip” Schumacher, M.D., aimed to make a positive difference in emergency medicine practice management and services. Over time, that vision evolved to encompass a broader role as a clinical service partner.

Today, SCP has grown to one of the largest healthcare partners in the country. At our core, we work to bring hospitals and healers together in pursuit of clinical effectiveness.