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Global Medical Staffing

Every locum tenens adventure is a story. Every story lets you see the world you live
in—and the world you practice in—in new and different ways. Every story is about
making a difference in peoples’ lives, and in your own life. We offer interesting,
rewarding locum tenens assignments that last from a few days, to a month, to a
year or longer in locations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia,
New Zealand, the Caribbean and beyond.  
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Company Information

Global Medical Staffing works coast-to-coast in the U.S. and in outlying territories in high-demand specialties including Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist/Internal Medicine, Primary Care/Family Practice and Psychiatry. We were the first company to recruit North American and European candidates for placement into Australia and New Zealand in the early 90s and we continue to place throughout Australasia and beyond, including the Caribbean. Overseas assignments are available in most specialties. These positions are in attractive, yet under-serviced communities where your skills ensure healthcare for those who need it most. Our options continue to expand, and our doctors and clients continue to endorse us: • Our doctors love the locations where we send them - 97% of our doctors rate the location(s) where we've placed them as good or excellent96% of doctors rate our service as good or excellent • For doctors working in the U.S. we offer A++ rated occurrence malpractice insurance - you never have to worry about tail coverage • We have worked with ALL of New Zealand's District Health Boards • Facilities in all 6 Australian states and both mainland territories have accepted our doctors • We are the only locum tenens company that offers doctors working in international assignments a safety net - in the rare event that a practice materially misrepresents itself, we will work to rectify the situation and if we cannot remediate the conflict, we will offer you other locum options • We understand that an overseas locum assignment is much more than a medical experience - it's about time with your family, time to travel and time to enjoy living in another culture

Company History

We were the first (and only) U.S. staffing agency in
the 1990s to place doctors in Australia. They hailed
from the U.S. and Canada, and they were happy to
put their medical skills to good use. The doctors
found the adventure alluring–they were inspired to
make a difference.
Word spread. Requests from facilities came with
increasing frequency. And before long, Global Medical
Staffing was placing doctors all across Australia, then
New Zealand and beyond.
Today, we have placed thousands of top-caliber
doctors in facilities throughout Australia and New
Zealand, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Canada,
and the United Kingdom. We actively recruit doctors
from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and
Europe; though we have also recruited doctors from
such far-flung areas as Iceland and Argentina.
In 2008, we brought our experience orchestrating
complicated overseas assignments home to the U.S.
and today business is booming on all fronts. Doctors
still love the allure of international assignments and
U.S.-licensed doctors enjoy working in their own
backyard. We’ve since added new locations to our
roster, including Singapore and the United Arab
Emirates, and the assignments keep on coming.

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