Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Medicus offers highly competitive benefits and incentive packages.

Personalized attention and care from a dedicated Physician Advocate: Youll feel like your Medicus Physician Advocate really knows and understands you, your goals and preferences, and the types of opportunities you want.

A detailed, clear, and accurate picture of every opportunity: When you arrive on a Medicus assignment, youll find just what we described. We take the time up front to learn our clients needs and expectations so we can accurately describe opportunities to you.

Premiere support and availability: Youll feel connected through regular communication with your Physician Advocate and other Medicus team members.

Assurance that your CV will be kept confidential: Your Physician Advocate will verify your interest in each opportunity and send your CV to a facility only upon securing your permission to do so.

Malpractice coverage: We provide you with a $1 million/$3 million claims-made policy and tail coverage through a prior-acts policy. Our A+ rated insurance company is a subsidiary of Lloyds of London.

Exceptional colleagues: The majority of our network has been referred by other Medicus physicians, and many of our assignments involve providing teams to handle large-scale projects. For these reasons, youre more likely to enjoy working alongside other physicians whom Medicus has carefully selected.

Practice area expertise: Our Physician Advocates have deep expertise and experience in each practice area; youll feel understood and confident knowing that your Medicus representative is in tune with the specific nuances of your specialty area.

Rewards program: We reward you with travel, vacation, educational, and financial incentives. Your Physician Advocate can help you to maximize your rewards program based on your circumstances and preferences.  
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Company Information

Reach your career and lifestyle goals with Medicus When you work with Medicus, you become part of a team. You receive personalized attention from a dedicated Physician Advocate who takes the time and care to get to know you and understand your needs and the types of opportunities you want. You will receive support from our credentialing, travel, and finance specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality of timely care and attention. We strive to help you achieve your career and lifestyle goals whether they are related to career development, compensation, schedule, location, culture fit, or something else. When you work with us, you won't receive calls from multiple recruiters and you won't be offered assignments that don't make sense for you. Once you're assigned to an engagement, we don't stop serving and supporting you.

Company History

Medicus launched in January 2004 as a traditional locum tenens firm, providing temporary physicians for supplemental staffing purposes to hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. Shortly thereafter, we pioneered additional alternative physician staffing models that include responsibility for clients physician staffing and schedule management. These alternative models eliminate the burdens and frustrations clients can experience in the traditional locums model; with Medicus ensuring that schedules are filled with high-quality physicians, clients can focus on their other critical activities, increase efficiency, and more accurately budget for and reduce the cost of supplemental physician staffing.

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