Vohra Wound Physicians

Vohra Wound Physicians

Vohra Wound Physicians

Some of the Benefits Vohra Wound Physicians Enjoy Include:
- An Individualized practice with autonomy and flexibility
- Competitive pay
- Clinical satisfaction
- Part-time or full-time work
- No nights, weekends, or holidays and no on-call
- Opportunities in locations across the US  
Miramar Beach, Florida, United States Miramar Beach, Florida, United States

Company Information

Skilled Physicians Needed for Full- and Part-Time Careers with Fast Growing Post-Acute Care Practice

Founded in 2000, Vohra Wound Physicians is the largest wound care specialty practice focused exclusively on the post-acute sector, and the premier provider and employer in wound management. The company provides bedside clinical care to hundreds of thousands of patients annually at nearly 3,000 skilled nursing facilities across 28 states as well as to patients healing at home via telemedicine. Supported by proprietary technologies and extensive, ongoing physician training, Vohra delivers results including a 21-day improvement in healing time and an 88% reduction in wound-related hospitalizations.

Our mission: to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospitalizations while reducing costs for facilities and home health partners.

Vohra is seeking top doctors across the nation to join our practice. Please contact us today to learn more.

What Makes Vohra Great for Physicians:

  • Work-Life Balance: enjoy autonomy and flexibility with no nights, call or weekends.
  • Clinical Satisfaction: focus on helping patients heal without the administrative burden of paperwork.
  • Compensation: earn an average of $300,000 annually for full-time roles and/or $200 per hour plus full W2 benefits.
  • Lifelong Learning: join a specialized wound care training program followed by a one-year fellowship, the first in the country specializing in post-acute wound care.
  • Support: benefit from malpractice coverage, legal and administrative support, and technical support like our EHR, loved for its efficiency & usability.

Hear from Vohra Physicians Themselves:

Work-Life Balance

“I was motivated to work for Vohra when I saw that I had little time for the important things in my life. Amazingly, by making the change to subspecialty, I work less and make more money. In other words, I am more efficient with my time now and my family has benefitted.” --Dr. Melissa Bray, trained Family Medicine Physician who transitioned to Vohra

Clinical Satisfaction

“I didn’t see wound care as a change of specialties so much as a refinement and focusing of my own general surgery training. Academically, it still met a lot of my needs. I enjoy being the specialist and providing subject-specific knowledge to take care of patients.” --Dr. Justin Mahida, trained General Surgeon who transitioned to Vohra

“Through the practice of wound care, I am able to encourage the overall health and well-being of the patient, and to practice in an actively developing area of medicine, and to perform frequent bedside procedures.” --Dr. Holly Mollenkopf, trained Internist who transitioned to Vohra

Seamless Transition

“Visiting and integrating my practice into skilled nursing facilities has been smooth, almost flawless. I have a mix of established practices and new facilities and enjoy my staff interactions at all my facilities.” --Dr. Amanda Turbeville, trained General Surgeon who transitioned to Vohra

Overall Experience

“What has truly impressed me about Vohra is its professionalism, the matching donations to charity, the people, the great EMR, the commitment of support staff and physicians to provide care for patients that often do not get good care.” --Dr. John van Aalst, trained General Surgeon who transitioned to Vohra