May 24, 2018
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    Leveraging Healthcare Professionals’ Emotional Intelligence

    The practice of caring for individuals with profound intellectual disabilities requires that their caregivers connect with and provide treatments to them in extraordinary ways. In many instances this requires acquired measures; not those that are learned clinically or environmentally. Oftentimes, such techniques are acquired [...]
  • Medical Apps

    The Top Medical Apps Utilized in our Healthcare System

    How Do Apps Assist in Healthcare?  With the advancements in the field of science and technology, medical apps are being introduced as the new go-to hub for physicians and aspiring medical professionals. The new wave of technological [...]
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    The Impact of Stress on the Mind and Body

    Nowadays, even the smallest things can trigger stress in human beings. Something irks you and your hypothalamus quickly orders the brain to release the stress hormones throughout your system. Originally, these hormones are designed to ready [...]
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    Nurses Week 2018 – Celebrating Nursing Professionals

    Becoming a nurse opens doors to countless opportunities. During my career, I have saved lives, helped patients through trying times, and accomplished certification and higher degrees in my specialty. Obtaining my nursing degree is one [...]