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(Archived) Areospace Medicine (Flight Surgeon)

Last Updated: 2/22/19

Job Description

1. Specialty Summary. Administers the Aerospace Medicine Program; conducts medical examinations and provides medical care for flyers, missile crews, and others with special standards of
medical qualification. Evaluates living and working environments to detect and control health hazards and prevent disease and injury within the Air Force community. Related DoD Occupational Group.

2. Duties and Responsibilities:
2.1. Provides aerospace medicine support. Implements policies and procedures and prepares directives governing flight medicine, preventive medicine, and occupational medicine. Serves as liaison with federal, state, and local agencies in matters related to aerospace medicine, preventive medicine, and occupational medicine. Follows medical standards for flying and special operational personnel and submits recommendations on waivers of medical standards. Develops programs to ensure a fit force for worldwide deployments. Participates in training programs for aeromedical personnel.
2.2. Provides preventive medicine support. Directs health education and control measures for preventable diseases and injuries. Determines adequacy of living and work environments. Conducts health promotion and fitness programs. Provides advice on nutrition, food service, sanitation, water supply, safety, sewage and waste disposal, immunizations, and health education.
2.3. Advises medical staff. Advises medical and dental staff on treatment of flying and special operational personnel and preparation of patients for aeromedical evacuation. Provides medical advice and guidance to bioenvironmental engineering, military public health, physiological training, and organizations.
2.4. Provides occupational medicine support. Participates in the process of determining frequency and scope of occupational medicine exams required by federal regulations and workplace exposures. Conducts and supervises placement and periodic health exams for employees. Identifies occupational hazards and notifies appropriate agencies of occupational diseases and job related injuries or illness.
2.5. Conducts medical examinations of personnel with special standards of medical care. Examines personnel to determine fitness for flying and special duties, or to recommend continuance, removal, or return to flying status and aviation service.
2.6. Provides and organizes medical care for flyers and special operational personnel and their families, to include preventive medicine, counseling, and family unit support. Manages disorders and injuries unique to flying operations. Serves as liaison between flying squadrons and medical services.
2.7. Provides medical support to operational mission and serves as staff advisor to flying squadron commander. Regularly participates in flying mission. Inflight duties include evaluation of aircrew, aircraft, environment, and mission to provide feedback and guidance to line and medical staff. Develops and manages an aggressive preventive medicine program, including education of flying and special operational personnel in healthy life styles. Establishes procedures for aircraft mishap and disaster response, and managing casualties in aviation accidents and other disasters. Provides advice on air rescue and aeromedical evacuation. Serves on aircraft mishap investigation boards. Participates in flying safety and aircrew enhancement programs.
2.8 Provides medical support during contingency operations. Conducts medical prevention, intervention, and evacuation activities during contingency operations. Gathers and utilizes medical intelligence to provide optimal medical support to deployed forces.

Company Details

318 Air Force Health Professions

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States