Company Profile: Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

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Advantage Behavioral Health Systems
250 North Avenue
United States
Advantage was initially called Northeast Georgia Community Health Center. In 1972, the Department of Human Resources included mental health which was a huge step towards community-based treatment and gave rise to an increase in community-based clinics such as ours. In 2000, the Organization changed its name to Advantage Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
There is no night or weekend call in clients are referred to state crisis-line. Salaried position with benefits/options (PTO; 401K with up to 10% match; health; life; disability; etc. Approximately 25% of prescriber services are provided by telemedicine services. Our model includes licensed clinician completing initial intakes for biopsychosocial history and diagnois prior to meeting with prescriber; clinicians handle locating 1013 hospitalization placements for physicians.