Company Profile: Concentra

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5080 Spectrum Drive
Suite 1200 West Tower
United States
Concentra was founded by physicians, and clinical excellence is at the core of the services we provide. At Concentra, youíll use your medical training and expertise to help heal patients and make life better for them and their families. You'll also help lead a team of clinical professionals providing occupational medicine, treatment of episodic medical conditions, preventive health care, and wellness management. We believe that patient-centered medical care has unfortunately become a thing of the past. If you agree and want to be part of a medical practice thatís redefining the entire patient experience, Concentra can provide you an atmosphere of freedom, support, and integrity that will differentiate you from the rest.
When it comes to your health or your career, Concentra believes that you should expect more. We believe you deserve to feel welcome and comfortable whether youíre being treated at one of our nationwide medical centers or building a career here.