6th Medical Recruiting Battalion

6th Medical Recruiting Battalion

Health care professionals who serve as officers in the U.S. Army Medical Department enjoy a wide range of opportunities and financial incentives. There are benefits, tangible and intangible, available to officers who choose to serve full-time in the Army. These benefits are also conferred upon those who choose to serve when needed and maintain careers in their communities as part of the Army Reserve.
Active Army professionals are members of a multidisciplinary team focused on providing the best health care possible. Here, there aren't any concerns about running a practice, hiring employees, processing insurance, purchasing equipment, stocking supplies or paying malpractice insurance.
You'll also have opportunities to develop even more specialized skills than those you already have. From continuing education courses and seminars to clinical research and teaching, you'll be able to enhance your level of expertise.
Plus, the U.S. Army offers scholarships and student loan repayment assistance to students and recent graduates in many health care fields.When you join the Army health care team, you are joining one of the biggest health care networks in the world. As you choose your residency hospital, practicing your specialty in world-renowned hospitals, clinics and health care facilities is only part of it. You'll use the latest technologies and practices, working in conditions that rival the top residency and teaching hospitals in the world.  
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The United States Army is looking for highly skilled healthcare professionals to care for and treat our Nation's Defenders.

The Army is a large organization, made up of many different branches and groups. Here are some important terms you should understand as you consider a future in the military.

Active Duty

What it means: You are a Soldier who serves full time. You will generally live on a base, either within the United States or in a foreign country. While on active duty, you will earn a full salary and you will receive health and retirement benefits.


What it means: You are a part-time Soldier, and unlike active duty status, you are required to train and report for duty just one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Serving in the Army Reserve allows you to live where you want, attend school and work a civilian job. You will still earn many benefits, including health care and retirement, and you will also earn part-time duty pay in addition to the income from your civilian job.

From the Revolutionary War to Today
From the first skirmishes at Lexington and Concord to the Civil War to the liberation of Nazi-controlled Europe, American Soldiers are celebrated for their vigor and bravery in combat.

Today, the Army is made up of more than 700,000 Soldiers, including active duty and Army Reserve personnel.
Army Soldiers fill many roles. They are doctors, lawyers, and engineers; they are electricians, computer programmers and helicopter pilots; they are police officers, logistics experts and civil affairs representatives. The Army’s constant need for a diverse range of individual Soldiers, each with his or her own expertise is what sets it apart from other military branches.

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