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Founded in 2008 by loved ones who lost a close family friend to drug addiction, Enterhealth is a private pay healthcare provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment through residential, outpatient, and online channels. A Dallas company on a mission to provide the most effective long-term treatment, Enterhealth has created a medically-based program that approaches addiction as it’s identified in the latest National Institutes of Health (NIH) research – as a chronic, but treatable, brain disease.

Enterhealth’s philosophical approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment:

To understand what the latest scientific research has found to be effective in treating this life-threatening illness and apply those treatments in a comprehensive fashion to each individual patient over an extended period of time in order to get the best chance for a long-term sustained recovery.

Enterhealth is the first addiction treatment center in the nation to use Neuromodulation, a medically advanced procedure which has effectively been used to treat injury or illnesses of the brain. From PTSD, ADHD, major depression, and other afflictions, this revolutionary treatment is a safe, non-invasive procedure which helps recalibrate and quickly restore the brain to its healthiest state possible. Neuromodulation, also called Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT), combines personalized brain scanning (QEEG) analysis and proprietary data algorithms with a protocol of customized and concentrated magnetic pulses (TMS) to bring specific, important brain waves of the injured brain back into harmony. Combined with other therapies, Neuromodulation accelerates the restoration of the patient’s normal brain state, allowing the patient to feel better, enjoy a better quality of life, and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Enterhealth is one of the few programs in the country to have a full-time, on-site staff of board-certified, addiction-trained physicians, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and master’s- or PhD-level therapists, as well as 24/7 nursing care. For each residential patient, this team conducts thorough multi-day medical and psychological assessments that identify the severity of the disease, as well as any co-occurring psychiatric conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain syndromes. Based on these comprehensive assessments, the team develops personalized treatment plans for each patient and family.

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