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4 Tips for Recruiting Physicians during COVID-19

While many companies are being forced to close due to COVID-19, some are having a hard time maintaining and growing their workforce. Now more than ever, healthcare employers and recruiters need to have quick and easy access to hiring new candidates.

Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, oversees the CDC’s COVID-19 response program and she recently stated: “Everybody agrees that our public health capacity at the local and state level is not ready to take this on at a very large scale without reinforcements.” She is referring to the reopening of the United States and the number of healthcare professionals that will be needed to suppress another outbreak.

Let’s take a look at how the healthcare industry can continue moving forward during these unprecedented times. Here are four tips on how to recruit physicians during COVID-19:

  1. Showcase your company brand.
  • Show your candidates what your company is all about. Make sure that when you are posting your jobs, your core values, mission, and culture are present. This can include adding them on your website or to your job posting. This lets candidates know more about your company. 
  • Awards and partnerships are another important factor that let your candidates know that your credentials are what makes your company great (Best Places to Work, Company of the Year, etc.). Showcase your partnerships with other companies to illustrate why your company is great to work with. 
  • Be authentic and be transparent. You want to show your candidates that they can trust and value your company. A great way to approach this is to establish transparency about your company. Always be true to your candidates and be as clear and concise with your tone.


  1. Introduce culture, mission, and values. In a recent TedTalk, Simon Sinek, a world renown speaker on leadership, said, "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe."
  • With Safer at Home orders in place throughout the nation, we’ve seen a to give people an intimate look at company cultures, values, and especially a look at how they treat their employees. Create a slide deck or video that includes images of your office and employees so candidates can get a feel for what it would be like in your office (virtually). Are you doing virtual meetings? Take a screenshot and share it. Amid this COVID pandemic, companies have to step out of their comfort zone and get online.  
  • A lot of job seekers look at your company reviews to see details about your company culture, work environment, and employee satisfaction. Negative reviews are never easy to read but you can always address those by responding positively in a timely fashion. Most of the time naysayers just want to be heard so acknowledging that you received their complaint and that you’ll work on a solution can go a long way. Put the candidate at ease by being transparent if your company made a mistake and own the fact that you’re willing to make it right. Addressing concerns immediately will help prevent the issues from growing or turning into something that is out of your control.


  1. Prioritize and Manage candidate pipeline
  • If you have a hiring structure that you have established then continue to use that process and those sources, but if it’s not working, reassess what you can do to make your recruiting better. PI Catalyst recommends that you put together a list of your jobs, determine the most challenging ones to fill, and focus on filling those challenging jobs or jobs that have the biggest business need.
  • Use trusted sources like DocCafe.com to search for and contact physicians and physician assistants. With an influx of unemployed and furloughed healthcare professionals, now is the time to be preparing for filling your pipeline when states begin to reopen, and hospitals begin to rehire. Be ready!
  • Clean communication with frequent touch points shows your candidates that you care. How you present yourself before and during an interview reflects your company culture and brand. The same should continue after the interview. Send an email the next day to thank a candidate for taking the time to meet with you. Then check in with them consistently until you make a hiring decision. Try not to ignore other candidates in the pipeline – even if they are no longer in consideration.


  1. Keep your candidates engaged

Interviews are a two-way street. You need to be able to find a candidate that would fit well with your company and your mission, but you also want to make your candidates know what your company is about and get them interested in working for you.  It’s important to keep your candidates engaged during the entire recruiting process, but especially if they make it to the final steps – screening and interviewing.

  • Virtual interviews are keeping everyone safe as social distancing has become the norm in most states. Replace in-person interviews with video interview platforms like DocCafe Interviews. This great new feature allows you to interview candidates face-to-face through your webcam and or send out video applications for candidates to submit at their convenience to replace phone screening. You can invite candidates to interview directly from the job board platform to leverage the extensive database of qualified physicians and physician assistants. Glassdoor offers these tips to help you conduct the best virtual interview. 
  • Create tips and tricks for candidates so they can succeed in their interviews. This will also make the time spent more valuable for you if candidates are fully prepared for the interview. Give potential hires tips like “get on the video call 5 minutes before the interview” or “ways to not get nervous before an interview.” It will help your candidates feel calmer and more confident when interviewing. This is a win-win! A more relaxed candidate gives you better insight into how they would fit into the role in which you are hiring. 
  • Giving feedback to your candidates on their interview will help them succeed. Whether you decide to move forward with a candidate or not, giving feedback on what they can improve on their interview would leave them feeling that you care and want them to succeed.

Use these helpful tips to recruit your physicians! Check out DocCafe.com! We have 160,000+ candidates ready for your jobs. Stay safe and stay healthy.